The goal of the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Fortaleza is to promote trade between the state of Ceará in Brazil and Denmark!

Ceará leads the way. The state of Ceará leads the ranking of foreign investments! In 2013 Ceará was the Brazilian State that received most private foreign investments ultrapassing the largets state in Brazil São Paulo. Contact the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Fortaleza to learn more.

We know Ceará! Do it right from the beginning contact the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Fortaleza.

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Last year 207,3 million Brazilian Real was invested in the state of Ceará an increase of 350% compared to 2012

At the national sum, the Italians led investments last year, with U.S. $ 395.7 million invested in the country The value indicates a jump of 515% in relation to 2012, when they put U.S. $ 64.3 million in funding in Brazil. Portugal placed second last year, with 68.9 million, followed by China (U.S. $ 30.1 million), Spain (£ 24.8 million) and France (U.S. $ 22.8 million).

Despite having received the largest volume of investments, Ceará still lost to Sao Paulo in number of individual investors, who scored 294 against 237 investors in Ceará territory. The Rio Grande do Norte was the result, with 167 investors, followed by Ontario (130) and Rio de Janeiro (103). All other states together accounted for 1,174 foreigners making investments in their territories.

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Investor Considerations

  • Very rich biodiversity.
  • Abundant agricultural, mineral and energy potential.
  • Enormous internal growth potential.
  • Broad industrial base and infrastructure and a diversified economy.
  • Fast-changing business conditions.
  • Social inequality.
  • Extensive bureaucracy

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